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Big Data Analytics to Solve Recognition Issues


This is a big data analytics technology that makes it able to identify grid line faults through drones. The drones are equipped with high def. cameras and connected with backend platforms running artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms.

The drones take pictures, sending them to the AI and Machine Learning platform. Here the pictures are analyzed, and faults are identified by comparing the pictures with existing grid pictures having no faults

The intelligent assistant (the AI and ML algorithm) can analyze 100,000 images in less than an hour, which is more than a human can do in a year.


The algorithm is already developed for recognition of faults in grid equipment and installations. It can be quickly customized to recognize humans, animals, and birds, etc. by just feeding the algorithm with some images of real humans, animals, and birds.

It has learn the recognition patterns and will be able to fire triggers when a match is made. The technology is built on big data analytics and data models are created/updated based on live data, and the algorithm is able to learn itself the more time passes.

The same technology has been used for face-recognition during different demonstration events where the algorithm was able to recognize individuals and trigger events based on the individual it has identified