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Clearsy - Your Personalized Safety System

Based in France, CLEARSY, develops a tailor-made calculator (credit card format) with its software development environment easily insertable in your process, certified at the most critical level (risk of serious injury or death). Already operational on several systems in service around the world (EN 50126:2018, EN 50128:2011 EN50129:2018), it is also based on safety principles flexible enough to adapt to the standards and uses of your sector



ClearSy is a major player recognized in the field of formal methods for the hardiness of its applications. It proposes solutions different from those of its competitors by applying formal methods to develop its safety critical systems.


ClearSy is innovative in the packaging of software in terms of guaranteeing both the conformity of the software product and specifications to the customer needs. This warranty is possible due to the use of modelling techniques that allow, starting from the initial documents and exchanges, the creation of specifications verified by a formal method and expressed in a natural language.

This phrase allows the designers to eliminate the ambiguity of the customer requirement analysis, too often considered as developments, and provide a result entirely in line with needs. These specifications then act as the base for development created through techniques adapted for the operational constraints of the software product.

ClearSy offers contractual support to its warranty by a commitment to handle at its expense software changes related to a problem in the development of the code and the changes in these specifications if the problem is linked to a logic fault or ambiguity in the specifications. The development of safety critical software undertaken by ClearSy meets the development criteria of SIL2, SIL3, and SIL4 software in terms of IEC 61508 standards and, in particular, standards EN50126, EN50128, and EN50129.



 Ever since it was founded, ClearSy has applied its skills and technical expertise in modeling and engineering tools.

ClearSy’s activity centers on the constraints of operational safety. ClearSy aims at a wide range of partners, from industry to contractors as well as certification agencies responsible for specifying, confirming, proving, or certifying their systems and software.

At the same time, ClearSy’s activities also involve safety management (safety plan, safety file) as well as the required safety analysis for systems or the component software.

From the Atelier B tool which it develops and distributes, ClearSy has acquired a complete mastery of formal methods which today provide it with an expertise in the highest level of software safety as well as the confidence of large contractors such as Alstom, Peugeot, DGA, Cybernetix, CEA, etc.

In the framework of the high safety levels required by the 61508, 50128, and DO178 standards, the use of formal methods is highly recommended.


Because of the use of modeling techniques, ClearSy is innovative in the development of software packages.

To accomplish this, ClearSy bases its approach on the entire set of documents provided by the customer, expressed in natural language and including the specifications related to the software product. Formal methods allow the Company to model the latter while guaranteeing its conformity while also adapting it as much as possible to the constraints of the contractor.

Developing safety software involves ensuring its proper operation and the impossibility for the software to execute dangerous actions. It also implies a thorough and rigorous mastery of the software operation.

Therefore, ClearSy uses its knowledge to meet the highest requirements of safety software through safety instructions developed in a structured, clear, unequivocal, verifiable, testable, and maintainable manner, completely unambiguous as far as the documentation is concerned and at all stages of the development cycle.


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