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Hypios CrowdInnovation is a French company that helps corporations meet specific R&D needs with our unique approach to open-problem solving. Our key product, Hy.OpenInnovation, is an online platform in which we assist companies or “Seekers” in structuring and posting their R&D problems; and to select a deadline and a price for the successful “Solver.” Hypios relies on Hy.Proximity, core proprietary software for in-depth semantic analysis of each problem coupled with skill-set discovery technology that scours the web to find relevant experts. This ensures that challenges are not only broadcasted on a global scale, but “narrowcast” to source expertise in a pre-selected range of scientific disciplines. This helps maximize the number of relevant solutions from our global network of over 950,000 experts .

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After months of hard work, we can finally announce that Hypios CI’s new website is now live! We invite you to take a tour on https://hypios-ci.com/

This brand-new version has a fresh design and clearer navigation which allows visitors to get information quicker and easier. Moreover, simplifying the registration process is one of the significant changes, so now you could become Hypios’ member in less than 1 min.

Besides our innovative challenges, our innovation marketplace Hy.Store is also up-to-date with many new creative solutions from Ph.D. students, university professors and industry professionals who are members of the Hypios Solver community. There might be an idea which just matches your needs.

Many new features would be gradually added. Our team always aims to provide better user experience to all, we hope you enjoy our new website, please stay tuned!

For any questions, suggestions, feedback or comments, please contact us!


BlockchainyourIP, incubated on January 1, 2019, at Station F, develops and markets a B2B solution, making it possible to prove the existence of their intangible assets simply and quickly. The BlockchainyourIP platform offers a monthly subscription allowing the integration of their solution in the internal processes of the company. This specialist of Blockchain for IP is led by William Fauchoux, CEO.

BlockchainyourIP and Hypios CI will combine their respective AI and Blockchain skills to serve all-size businesses who recognize the critical importance of creation and innovation in their day-to-day business.


Hy.Store is here Beta !

Hy.Store is Hypios marketplace for all solutions posted by solvers willing to promote their innovation. Some of the solutions posted on Hy.Store are solutions that have been proposed to seekers and not selected after the deadline expiration date. Each solution is described synthetically in order to protect intellectual property. The access to Hy.Store is not public and a specific subscription is required for Seekers willing to search new areas of innovation following a “Pull” mode. Again, respecting confidentiality, Hypios plays the intermediary between a Seeker and a Solver during the transaction until the sales solution completion . After Solution sale, Hypios reserves the right to connect the Seeker to the Solver after receiving their respective authorization.

Hy.Store Analytics

Because data facilitates strategic decision making, data about Innovation Trends is the new basis of competitive advantage. Therefore, Hypios is developing strong and sophisticated analytics thanks to its platform to help investors, analysts and companies in their strategy. Contact us to learn more about our various subscription models and pricing-


Paris, Mars, 19 2018
Hypios CrowdInnovation and Sidetrade sign a commercial partnership in order to benefit from Sidetrade’s Sales & Marketing platform service through an API that can take advantage of the information and scoring of its “Seekers” prospects as well as for the profile analysis of “Solvers” experts.

The use of the Sidetrade platform also makes it possible to be able to better prepare marketing and prospecting actions by category of profile and type of business target.

About Sidetrade:

Sidetrade offers a solution that covers the entire customer cycle, from the lead to the payment of invoices. With a single objective: to help the Marketing, Commercial and Financial Departments to develop the turnover and accelerate the generation of cash. “In an increasingly competitive environment, customer understanding is becoming the main business issue. C-Radar responds to this need by providing the Marketing and Sales Departments with precise market analyzes and sales aids: identification of new prospects, scoring and tracking prospects to detect weak signals (recruitment, marketing activity, change of management) , …). The merger with the Sidetrade Group extends this vision to the entire sales cycle to create the first player to offer Artificial Intelligence on the entire customer relationship” says François Bancilhon Co-Founder C-Radar.


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Paris, 9th February 2018

La Fabrique à Innovations (LFAI) and Hypios CrowdInnovation (CI) have signed a partnership allowing companies to accelerate their innovation process, starting from an idea to go as far as an industrial realization by relying on this collaborative and participative model.

Sharing the same vision that global collective intelligence allows companies to innovate faster, better and cheaper, this collaboration also helps to democratize Open Innovation practices in France and abroad thanks to complimentary nature of our two companies.

Based in Toulouse, La Fabrique à Innovations is an accelerator of innovative products enabling companies to co-create and validate everyday products or more complex industrial products thanks to its community of innovative contributors. The participative platform LFAI allows you to turn your ideas into industrialized products and earn money by contributing to the projects of others!

Hypios CI, based at Village by CA Paris, is a CrowdInnovation platform that allows companies to quickly find an innovation or a technical solution for a problem. By combining collective intelligence and crowdsourcing, Hypios CI has developed the only CrowdInnovation platform based on a patented semantic search engine that enables the detection of expertise such as the sourcing of innovative solutions combined with a global community of more than 950,000 experts. With more than 160 Challenges to its credit and a success rate of 59%, Hypios CI has helped accelerate the innovation process of many large groups and SMEs in France and Europe.

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IBM selects Hypios CI to join IBM Scale Zone Incubator.

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Paris, 20th of December 2017

RATP is boosting its innovation with an ambitious “start-up program” which was launched 18 months ago.

Cognizant that to innovate more frequently and efficiently is a strategic issue, RATP has just signed a 2-year contract with HYPIOS CROWDINNOVATION (CI), a specialist in open innovation.
HYPIOS CI, one of the startups in the startup incubator, the Village by CA has been able to launch a innovation partnership with the RATP, who has already retained a solution thanks to HYPIOS CI business model, among 10 technological proposals identified on a first strategic topic.

With this first success, RATP launches new research innovations with HYPIOS CI, also called “Challenges”, in technological support for its engineering department.

HYPIOS CI has a unique and patented semantic algorithm that enables its CrowdInnovation® platform and its solvers community of almost 1 million experts to quickly and anonymously identify complex and concrete solutions around the world. In addition to its incremental or breakthrough innovation research capabilities, this algorithm allows for innovation monitoring, sourcing or even market research missions.

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Paris (France) The 7th of July 2017 – GAC Group is positioned as a performance partner by proposing assistance in a highly specialized manner in three main domains of expertise: innovation, the RH performance and financial performance. GAC allows companies to benefit from the the best financial tools in innovation and take advantage of optimized solutions with regulatory taxes in order to improve the social and organizational performance in French and multi-national companies.

« There are experts to advise and to improve your R&D
from your human resources to your financial results. »

Open innovation is a model of innovation which is becoming more recognized and used among the companies and startups.

With this partnership, Hypios CrowdInnovation and GAC Group share their multiple practices on Innovation and Open Innovation in order to provide valuable feedback on the R&D performance and to have the capacity to respond the expectations of the clients. While the priority of a Startup is to focus on its business (create and innovate, analyze its potential market, find its first clients etc.) , the daily management of a company diverts this priority. The research of sources of financing and the financing itself are major factors of its success in the long term. In addition, public investment in innovation are vital resources of funding for development of new companies. Thanks to this partnership, Hypios and GAC Group can help their clients better understand the functioning of innovation and financing.

« For 15 years, GAC puts its expertise at the service of competitiveness and performance of companies by allowing them to benefit from the best conditions with the help of financial tools in innovation and from optimized solutions concerning tax regulation and to improve their social and organizational performance, in France and in abroad. »

About GAC Group

Founded in 2002 as an international firm specialized in auditing and consulting for competitiveness improvement, GAC Group provides services in three big domains of expertise: Innovation, HR and financial performance. GAC Group employs 300 collaborators that provides durable and personalized solutions to companies in order to sustain earnings.

With 16 offices around world, 8 of which are in France (Bordeaux, Lille, Lyon, Nantes, Nice, Strasbourg, Paris), GAC Group considers an operational experience and the proximity of their clients at the heart of its values.

About Hypios CrowdInnovation

Hypios CI has a unique approach based on a patented semantic technology to provide solutions to their client’s issues (marketing and technical) though Open Innovation processes. With a community of more than 950,000 experts around the globe, Hypios CI allows experts to participate in the resolution of challenges such as complex technological problems, the identification of new technologies or new players in a market. Hypios CI is a start-up based in the Village by CA the first accelerator of Crédit Agricole (5th largest Bank in Europe and 10th in the World).

Paris (France) The 3rd of July 2017 – Hypios team has the pleasure to announce the launch of its new website www.hypios-ci.com. This new version offers more dynamic contents and marks a turning point in the launching of new offers. The objective is to simplify the different interactions between the members of our community (Experts, Partners and Clients) in an anonymous manner in order to facilitate innovation within the small and large companies in France and around the world.

” This new version of our website is fully updated with the company’s
perspectives on short and mid-term growth: new
offers using our expertise in Web Semantic and in detection of specifics
skills, as well as the continuous development of the community
with the establishment of international partnerships in the domain of
science and technology “

Pierre PASTEAU, CTO of Hypios CrowdInnovation.

With the announcement of two new products: Hy.Store and Hy.Profile, Hypios will offer solutions to to actors of the public and private research worldwide in regards of inventions promotion and skills identification.

These offers will be available in the second semester of 2017.

About Hypios CrowdInnovation

Hypios CI has a unique approach based on a patented semantic technology to provide solutions to their client’s issues (marketing and technical) though Open Innovation processes. With a community of more than 950,000 experts around the world, Hypios CI allows experts to participate in the resolution of challenges such as complex technological problems, the identification of new technologies or new players in a market. Hypios CI is a start-up based in the Village by CA the first accelerator of Crédit Agricole (5th largest Bank in Europe and 10th in the World).

Paris (France) the 30th of November 2016 – Efficient Innovation and Hypios CrowdInnovation announce their collaboration to support their customers though Open Innovation processes. This colloboration will rely on the unique know-hows of Efficient Innovation and the strengths of Hypios CI: the collaborative platform Hy.OpenInnovation and the patented semantic technology.

Efficient Innovation is often involved in the process of innovation, from the strategy to the finalization of the project. It is within this framework that one can identify a technological solution as well as search for an incremental or disruptive innovation offering new opportunities. These subjects can then be anonymously submitted as a challenge on Hypios CI’s Hy.OpenInnovation platform. In this case, Efficient Innovation will intervene in the resolution phase to analyze the formulation of the challenge, the search for researchers, the selection of of one or more solutions proposed by the community of Hypios CI Solvers (+ 950,000).

The rules of the challenge are defined by the customer (challenge prize, resolution time and selection criterias of the solution), the complementarity of the two companies will allow to innovate at the best cost supporting a “win-win” strategy based on the success-fee.

About Efficient Innovation: http://www.efficient-innovation.com/fr
Efficient Innovation is a consulting firm specialized in Innovation Management established in 1998. They provide consulting services from start-ups to large companies, including research centers and institutions through local tech clusters to help their clients consolidate their innovation projects. With excellent knowledge of innovative project management tools and methods on strategy, financing and operational deployment, Efficient Innovation helps companies and their leaders meet the challenges of tomorrow. Efficient Innovation is located in France with its presence in 7 major cities (Paris, Lyon, Nantes, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Montpellier and Aix-en-Provence) and opened its branch in Sao Paulo, Brazil 2 years ago.

About Hypios CrowdInnovation: https://hypios-ci.com/
Hypios CI has a unique approach based on a patented semantic technology to provide solutions to their client’s issues (marketing and technical) though Open Innovation processes. With a community of more than 950,000 experts around the globe, Hypios CI allows experts to participate in the resolution of challenges such as complex technological problems, the identification of new technologies or new players in a market. Hypios CI is a start-up based in the Village by CA the first accelerator of Crédit Agricole (5th largest Bank in Europe and 10th in the World).

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Paris (France) the 20th of October 2016 – The startup Hypios CrowdInnovation, with the first open innovation algorithm and more than 950,000 experts worldwide, has signed a strategic partnership with WikiPME, the first French platform dedicated to small and medium companies.

WikiPME is the first digital and supportive community of entrepreneurs in France, it now has more than 45,000 members. Founded in late 2014, it provides services to entrepreneurs whatsoever (business creation, individual entrepreneur, and SMBs) by enabling them to discuss their mutual problems as well as giving them a place from which a collective expression may develop. On this new platform, they have access to a location based marketplace (Leboncoin of the SMBs), goods and services, a forum for information exchange that allows members to share information confidentially, but also Wikithèque which includes a set of practical content that allows them to answer questions such as access to credit, interest rate conditions and much more.

Bringing Open Innovation to startups and SMEs

With this partnership, Hypios CrowdInnovation accelerates its development while providing to WikiPME community a quick and competitive mode of access to innovation, through its patented semantic search engine and an global R&D.

« Access to Innovation nowadays is a crucial issue for small and medium French companies. Through this community, we are proud to participate to the dynamic start-up economy. Our technology and services connected to the WikiPME platform will ease innovation requisite for business growth and employment, » said Jean-Christophe Lépine, co-founder of Hypios CrowdInnovation.

Hervé Novelli, co-founder of WikiPME,« In a society constantly changing, in a climate of uncertainty that crosses our country, entrepreneurs need more than ever a tailor-made solution via an all-inclusive platform. Through his partnership with Hypios CrowdInnovation, all 45,000 members of our community have access to prompt, affordable and reliable solutions, as well as a service to support the digital transition of their companies that will encourage and support more innovation in France.»

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Semantic Web

Semantic technology is central to transforming the internet from a web of data into a web of knowledge. We are interested in the use of semantic technology to facilitate online scientific collaborations and to improve the social experience on our website.

Data Mining & Classification

Social networks and internet databases contain a large amount of information. We are interested in automated methods to transform this undifferentiated information into knowledge that can be of value to our customers.

Economics & Machine Learning

We are interested in the exploitation of large sets of economic data, with the help of automated supervised and unsupervised algorithms. We aim through the use of artificial intelligence techniques to reach the computing capacities of human experts.