Frequently Asked Questions

Hypios combines crowdsourcing, discovery technology, and human outreach to deliver an optimal, open problem-solving service. “Seekers” post challenges to our network, select a deadline and a prize for the successful “Solver.”

Seekers are companies that want to accelerate their R&D with open innovation services such as open-problem solving platforms. Being able to access a large pool of Solvers for any given challenge guarantees both speed and relevant expertise in fields that are often not the core business of the Seeker. This most often results in concepts that the Seeker can use immediately.

Solvers are experts, researchers, specialists, students, or dedicated amateurs who submit solutions to challenges on our platform. For each challenge, Hypios CI notifies its database, contacts relevant experts and invites them to register on our platform to solve it. Hypios CI works with institutions and individuals to ensure a large and diverse Solver base that captures as many industries and disciplines as possible. Today, our top solver countries include Solvers from the United States, France, India, Australia and Italy, but our solvers reside in 180+ countries worldwide.

Initially, the Solver will receive a confirmation email within a few days after their submission. Once the Solver knows that their solution has been received, the process begins. The solution process is conducted in phases. The first phase is the submission phase in which Solvers have time to develop solutions. Once the deadline has passed, all submitted solutions are reviewed during a selection phase. The Seeker then decides whether or not to retain a solution and award the prize.

If selected as the winner of a challenge, the Solver signs a release form, where he/she is reminded of their engagement regarding intellectual property. Hypios CI will also ask for an IBAN, full contact details, and a copy of their work contract (if currently employed). Once all these documents are received, Hypios CI will credit the solver’s bank account. When paid, the solver gives up all their rights to the intellectual property of his/her solution.

Due to the vast number of various tax codes and systems applicable in each country, the solver is solely responsible for taking their tax liability into account when he/she invoices Hypios CI to claim the award. For all intent and purposes, the award put up by the Seeker is “all taxes included.” The invoice must automatically deduct the tax liability.

Payment typically takes between 30-60 days after the selection phase has been completed, and the payment has been received from the seeker.

For a full description of your intellectual property rights, please refer to the Hypios CI Solver Terms. Throughout the entire solving process, Solvers retain original ownership of their solution until one is chosen by the Seeker. If a solution is selected, the Seeker pays the agreed price to purchase all intellectual property rights from the Solver to use the solution. If a solution is not selected, Hypios CI reserves the right to keep it in our database in the event that another Seeker becomes interested in purchasing a solution for a similar problem. However, we protect the privacy of the Solver and we do not, under any circumstances, allow for the distribution, use, or unauthorized sale without prior consent. If an offer for a previously submitted solution is made, the owner will be fully compensated.

Your ability to submit a solution is dependent on the contractual obligations with your employer.

Solutions are only accepted before the deadline. The only exception to this rule is if the Seeker decides to extend the deadline.

Yes, deadlines may be extended only at the request of the Seeker.

The Seeker is the only one to decide whether or not to purchase one (or many) solution(s).

Diversity is critical. Studies show that a high percentage of unsolved problems within an organization can be solved by people outside the immediate domain and discipline of the problem. Diversity is therefore one of the key values at Hypios CI.

Hypios CI serves all industries.

Hypios CI works with institutions and individuals to ensure a large and diverse Solver base that encompasses as many industries and disciplines as possible.

Yes, the minimum problem price is USD 5,000. The minimum price ensures that Hypios CI retains a focus on high value problems and ensures the interest of Solvers.

Yes, solvers can legally sell their solutions to Seekers. Prior to joining Hypios CI, each Solver signs a legal document stating his or her eligibility to participate and submit solutions.

There is no limit to the number of solutions that a Seeker can purchase. A Seeker must purchase at least one solution before being able to license other solutions.

Through its platform Hy.OpenInnovation®, Hypios CI plays the intermediary between a Seeker and a Solver until the sale completion. Therefore, confidentiality of Solvers and Seekers are maintained. However, after the Solution sale and under exceptional circumstances, Hypios CI reserves the right to connect the Seeker to the Solver after receiving their respective authorization.

Intellectual property rights for Hypios CI users remain the same regardless of location. These rights are enforced by the Paris Convention for the Protection of Intellectual Property (1883) and the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works (1886). Despite their age, these two conventions remain the foundational documents for international, industrial and intellectual property laws.

As soon as a solution is submitted to Hypios CI, the licensing rights are also transferred to Hypios CI. Solvers whose solutions are not chosen by the Seeker will retain their rights to sell the solutions elsewhere.

Anyone can be a Solver on Hypios CI, but not everyone can be a Seeker. We maintain close relationships with all of our clients, and they fully understand the legal consequences of behaving dishonestly on Hypios CI. We've also put in place a number of security measures that must remain confidential in order to maintain their effectiveness.

Please contact our Solver service team and they will delete the solution from our database.

Hypios CI maintains a licensing right over the solution for 25 years or until it is purchased, either by a Hypios CI Seeker or another party. If a Solver sells the exclusive right to someone else, Hypios CI will remove the solution from its database.

Yes, but only if you agree to sell the exclusive rights to the trademarked object.

Yes, but only if you agree to sell the exclusive rights of your invention to the Seeker.