Hypios Signs a partnership with GAC Group

Paris (France) The 7th of July 2017 - GAC Group is positioned as a performance partner by proposing assistance in a highly specialized manner in three main domains of expertise: innovation, the RH performance and financial performance. GAC allows companies to benefit from the the best financial tools in innovation and take advantage of optimized solutions with regulatory taxes in order to improve the social and organizational performance in French and multi-national companies.

« There are experts to advise and to improve your R&D
from your human resources to your financial results. »

GAC group

Open innovation is a model of innovation which is becoming more recognized and used among the companies and startups.

With this partnership, Hypios CrowdInnovation and GAC Group share their multiple practices on Innovation and Open Innovation in order to provide valuable feedback on the R&D performance and to have the capacity to respond the expectations of the clients. While the priority of a Startup is to focus on its business (create and innovate, analyze its potential market, find its first clients etc.) , the daily management of a company diverts this priority. The research of sources of financing and the financing itself are major factors of its success in the long term. In addition, public investment in innovation are vital resources of funding for development of new companies. Thanks to this partnership, Hypios and GAC Group can help their clients better understand the functioning of innovation and financing.

« For 15 years, GAC puts its expertise at the service of competitiveness and performance of companies by allowing them to benefit from the best conditions with the help of financial tools in innovation and from optimized solutions concerning tax regulation and to improve their social and organizational performance, in France and in abroad. »

About GAC Group

Founded in 2002 as an international firm specialized in auditing and consulting for competitiveness improvement, GAC Group provides services in three big domains of expertise: Innovation, HR and financial performance. GAC Group employs 300 collaborators that provides durable and personalized solutions to companies in order to sustain earnings.

With 16 offices around world, 8 of which are in France (Bordeaux, Lille, Lyon, Nantes, Nice, Strasbourg, Paris), GAC Group considers an operational experience and the proximity of their clients at the heart of its values.

About Hypios CrowdInnovation

Hypios CI has a unique approach based on a patented semantic technology to provide solutions to their client’s issues (marketing and technical) though Open Innovation processes. With a community of more than 950,000 experts around the globe, Hypios CI allows experts to participate in the resolution of challenges such as complex technological problems, the identification of new technologies or new players in a market. Hypios CI is a start-up based in the Village by CA the first accelerator of Crédit Agricole (5th largest Bank in Europe and 10th in the World).