Hy.Store is here Beta*

Hy.Store is here Beta !

Hy.Store is Hypios marketplace for all solutions posted by solvers willing to promote their innovation. Some of the solutions posted on Hy.Store are solutions that have been proposed to seekers and not selected after the deadline expiration date. Each solution is described synthetically in order to protect intellectual property. The access to Hy.Store is not public and a specific subscription is required for Seekers willing to search new areas of innovation following a "Pull" mode. Again, respecting confidentiality, Hypios plays the intermediary between a Seeker and a Solver during the transaction until the sales solution completion . After Solution sale, Hypios reserves the right to connect the Seeker to the Solver after receiving their respective authorization.


Hy.Store Analytics

Because data facilitates strategic decision making, data about Innovation Trends is the new basis of competitive advantage. Therefore, Hypios is developing strong and sophisticated analytics thanks to its platform to help investors, analysts and companies in their strategy. Contact us to learn more about our various subscription models and pricing.

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