System Design of Cold Weather Protective Clothing

System Design of Cold Weather Protective Clothing
System design of cold weather protective clothing is a critical process, as it involves consideration of the effects of a number of external and internal parameters like environmental factors and physical, physico-mechanical and psychological parameters. The bulk and weight of the textile materials used in protective clothing should be as low as possible, so that clothing does not create physical stress and discomfort to the soldier and does not affect his combat duties adversely. This paper discusses the essential factors involved in the designing of cold weather protective clothing and different insulating materials available in the mark6t for developing better protective clothing. Different stores'developed at the Defence Materials & Stores Research & Development Establishment, Kanpur, the order of arrangement of various insulating materials in those stores and the protection level achieved are discussed.

The primary function of cold weather protective clothing is to protect the individual from the natural environment. Fo civilians, the designing of protective clothing is simp ? e, as the only requirement is protection against cold, whereas for military personnel and soldiers of other paramilitary forces, besides thermal insulation, anumber of other requirements are also important. These include: ease of handling combat and operational hazards, accomplishing their mission with the clothing on their body, protection against rain, snow ingress and extreme conditions of cold and wind. All the above requirements have to be met by the protective clothing and' at the same time the wearer should not feel any discomfort. Generally, the high level of protection expected in a cold weather protective clothing may result in clothing which exerts considerable physical stress on the wearer.

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