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Copper stripe based cooling system

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The device will work to cool down the machines after coupled it with machines in industries as there will be no need of water or air conditioning to cool down the machines.

It will consume very less energy.

This invention solve: Cooling problems in industries

See the sketch, there are several copper strip es are attached with a conveyor belt and each strip is separated with each other strip with the help of insulator (wood). Only one copper strip will be connected or touch the surface with the machine at a time and after 3 to 5 seconds will be removed after absorbing heat and a new copper strip will be connected with machine .in this way each copper strip will move in clockwise direction and connected with machine turn by turn.

In other words that I am connecting a heat sink with machine and after 3 to 5 seconds replace it with second heat sink and this second heat sink is replacing with third and so on….

Meanwhile the first heat sink is getting cooled down through dissipating the heat in the air.
each copper strip will be separated with each other with insulator so that each strip could work as a separate system.


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