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Elastic Antenna

Elastic antenna

This is a new innovation that allows the realization of flexible mobile phones but we also offer a royalty of 18% of the increase in profits if the previous offer was burdensome.

To realize the new flexible cell phone technology, several new innovations are needed on all phone cell devices. Flexible monitor, flexible battery until the chasing has been developed. To make a Flexible cell phone available, one more flexible device, which is a flexible antenna.

Patch PEMF and Multi wires micro-strip have [L] = π in bidirectional antenna and 0.5π in unidirectional antenna and with this increasing in will cope problem of directional and aperture antenna if it bent. 

Small antenna with PEMF and Multi wires method:

1.Increase antenna communications and detector Gain without decreasing beam width (Increase sensitivity of Antenna).

2. Increase range detection and communications in active and passive detection and communications system. 

3. Compatible in all kinds of radio wave and micro wave and all detection and communications system.

4. Increase received of signal quality, Increase of Reliability and availability of signals received of flexible antenna.

5. Have possibility in increasing microwave and radio wave technology and possibility to sense deeply in communications and detections technology.

6. Low cost production and application, And more advantages


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