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Equal the conventional charging speed of wireless charging with Innovation of PEMF method

Equal the conventional charging speed of wireless charging with Innovation of PEMF method

This is a new innovation that allows wireless chargers to have the same charging speed as conventional chargers, but we also offer a royalty of 18% of the profit increase if the previous offer is burdensome and we are ready to work together for it.

Electrons flow and potential difference or voltage is conjunction of cause effect of electro motion force in electromagnetic induction in Receiver coil. Increasing potential and reactivity of electro motion force can increase that cause effect conjunction. Increasing potential reactivity electron move is main idea of PEMF (Potential Electro Motion Force) method and it method increasing production of potential difference in electromagnetic induction by applied new innovations in major part of Receiver coil better energy transformation will appear.
PEMF method are new innovation technology that more green, more power generation, more sensitive, lower cost production and application, compatible and directly applied to conventional technology and with new theories that possible to develop for Wireless charger.
• With PEMF method have >90% efficiency.
• These methods are increase electrical energy output and sensitivity of Wireless charger coils directly, compatible without increase scale, cost of production and input power in same shape factor of Wireless charger but with additional NdFeB magnet and adaptability design core wireless charger’s coil. Increase of power production and sensitivity of Wireless charger with same Shape factor and input power than conventional Wireless charger that can substitute to decrease scale of wireless charger to product equal power level, so the wireless charger is more effective in energy and decrease cost production than before.


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