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  • Deadline: 12.04.2020

The original project from The French Ministry of Defense has set the deadline for the 12th of April 2020. However, sooner we generate the solutions, earlier this war may end. Any of our distribution may provide significant help. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Hypios CI

Dans un contexte planétaire cataclysmique, Hypios Ci s'efforce, avec ses algorithmes et sa communauté d'experts, de participer à l'effort général afin de trouver des solutions pour juguler cette pandémie, véritable fléau sanitaire et préfiguration d'une crise économique.

L'échelle n'en est pas nationale. Nous subissons une guerre mondiale sans précédent qu'inflige à l'humanité l'ère de la mondialisation. Compte tenu d'une telle déflagration, le recueil, le partage et l'indispensable confrontation des informations constituent notre seule chance de gagner. En tant qu'entreprise d'innovations bénéficiant de contacts permanents avec des experts dans divers domaines et sur tous les continents, nous, Hypios, vous invitons à coopérer avec nous en partageant des données vérifiées, des ressources, des expériences et des suggestions concernant les éléments énumérés ci-dessous.

Le temps nous presse. Il s'agit de relever, en l'occurrence, un défi littéralement hors du commun, lequel requiert une synergie, susceptible de mobiliser les données, les compétences et les moyens. Le véritable remède à cette pandémie n'est pas l'isolement, mais la coopération.

Jean-Christophe, CEO

In the context of the crisis that is occupying the entire planet, Hypios is trying with its means to participate in the general effort to find possible solutions to curb this pandemic which is a health scourge, coupled with an economic crisis.*

This is not just about any country. This is an unprecedented global war! This pandemic is a common challenge faced by mankind in the age of globalization. At this moment, sharing and integrating information is our only chance to win. As an innovation company which has contacts with experts in various fields, we Hypios invite you to cooperate with us by sharing information, resources, experiences, and suggestions regarding the items listed below. We must declare that this is not a typical challenge with rewards we usually organize, but a special event means to group all the capable people to fight in this war together. The real remedy for this pandemic is not isolation, but cooperation! 

The French Ministry of Defense has published a call for tenders which allows us to structure the needs into several categories.

For each of these categories, this document has identified possible responses and companies likely to offer the most suitable solutions; we will contact these companies to submit this call for tenders. 

This article is not perfect, it is obviously not exhaustive, especially at this stage, and it will be updated according to the information we receive.

The objective for us is to ensure that this call for tenders is relayed as much as possible and, using our tools, to identify the companies likely to respond.

Who we are: Hypios CrowdInnovation is a French company that helps corporations meet specific R&D needs with our unique approach to open-problem solving.

1.Individual or collective protection, carers and populations (eg masks, “makeshift hygiaphones”, innovative concepts of protection, barriers, recycling techniques, Do It Yourself, etc.)

Possible solutions

1.1  Sperian ‘Honeywell’  Molded Respirator

1.2 Japanese recycled masks

Facing the problem of a shortage of masks in Japan, two Japanese companies came up with a new recycled mask to prevent new coronaviruses. Unlike traditional masks, the main raw material is ” Echizen Washi” which is a traditional Japanese paper.

This mask was developed by Fine mode, Echizen Sewing Company, and Kamiwashou Ltd (石川製紙株式会社). It can be used repeatedly by replacing the paper mask pad with a deodorizing effect in the cloth mask. Kamiwashou Ltd has previously applied for a patent for this special Japanese paper and used it as a raw material to produce deodorizing pads.

This cloth mask uses polyester fiber on the outside, skin-friendly organic cotton on the inside, and a paper mask pad made of iodine anion exchange resin in the middle. This resin not only has the deodorizing ability but also has an antibacterial effect.

Announcement from Fine Mode Company

Homepage of Kamiwashou (石川製紙株式会社)

1.3 To create masks, gels and respirators, French makers and fablabs coordinate – Fablab

1.4 Coronavirus: to meet the shortage, a company in Remarkable carries out tests of 3D printing of surgical masks

1.5 Yvelines: its 3D printers make masks for caregivers

2. Management of the safety distance between individuals

Possible solutions

2.1 Parrot (reception power of a new BT terminal)

2.2 Awox


3. Automation of tasks for removal, cleaning of equipment or rooms

4. Facilitation of the deployment of field hospitals in support of populations

Possible solutions


5. Crisis management, referral, structuring / modularity of care chains (e.g. logistics management, HR, etc.)

Possible solutions

5.1 Logistics startups in France

5.2 Security SolutionsPTI Alert – DATI Crisis Management Mass Communication

6. Production of new decontamination solutions for all types of surface, for small and large equipment, for living spaces, etc.

Possible solutions

6.1 UV Germi

6.2 Pneumonia Outbreak: Virus Buster-UV Disinfection Robot Is Here 

7. Mass production capacity of decontamination solutions

8. Support for medical care (production of missing equipment or treatment, concept of recycling, diversion or other idea to make up for these shortcomings)

Possible solutions/Relevant articles

8.1 Engineers in Poland developed the first Polish fan produced by a 3D printer at the price of… 44€

8.2 Drones Enlisted To Fight Corona Virus in China

8.3 A medically validated 3D printed breathing apparatus – 3Dnatives

8.4 Handbook of COVID-19 Prevention and Treatment

Abstract: The Jack Ma Foundation and Alibaba Foundation have convened a group of medical experts who have just returned from the frontlines of fighting the pandemic. With the support of The First Affiliated Hospital, Zhejiang University School of Medicine (FAHZU), they quickly published a guidebook on the clinical experience of how to treat this new coronavirus. The treatment guide offers advice and reference against the pandemic for medical staff around the world who are about to join the war.

8.5 Hydrogen-oxygen mixed inhalation for new coronary pneumonia

8.6 Emergency mask for hospital ventilators

Coronavirus: these engineers created an open source and easy to manufacture medical ventilator

8.7 3D printing to help an Italian hospital in need of breathing valves

8.8 Covid-19: European Commission calls on 3D printing stakeholders

8.9 Italy: hospital gets 3D valves printed for Coronavirus patients

8.10 In Italy, 3D printing saved the lives of Covid-19 patients – 3Dnatives

8.11 Coronavirus: Respirators, the key to fighting the pandemic

8.12 The world of 3D printing against Coronavirus

8.13 An equipment manufacturer refuses to provide volunteers who want to print 3D drawings of its ventilator valves in order to urgently respond to ashortage

8.14 Covid-19: the first medically validated 3D printed respirator

8.15 An open-source ventilator design has been submitted for fast-track approval  

8.16 The French Hospital Federation is working on a respirator that can be rapidly industrialised”, announces Enguerrand Habran, its Director of Innovation. 

8.17 Prisma Health introduces VESper™ 

8.18 Open source” mechanical ventilation aid – 3D printing 

8.19 Respirators, protections for caregivers…: 3D printing mobilized against the coronavirus  

9. Detection of the virus in the environment

Possible solutions

9.1 A drone could soon take your temperature remotely 

10. Rapid diagnosis and self-diagnosis and associated behavior – massive screening – participatory screening

Possible solutions

10.1 NovacytEurobioBiomérieuxInstitut Pasteur ,SANOFI BIOTECHNOLOGY

10.2 China uses drones for epidemic prevention and control

use thermal imaging drones to provide residents with zero contact and remote body temperature measurement to allow high technology to play a high role effectiveness.

10.3 This artificial intelligence deciphers the sound of a cough to predict epidemics

11. Management of the individual and societal psychological impact (communication and awareness-raising on the crisis and the epidemic, improvement of the perception of the risk of epidemic, management of the post-crisis, etc.)

Possible solutions

  11.1 10 ways science can help fight Coronavirus 2019

  11.2 Mental health services deployed across China in fight against epidemic

  11.3 China Focus: Free online medical services help curb coronavirus outbreak

12. Factors limiting movement and combating transgression

Possible solutions

12.1 ParrotDrone volt (China)

12.2 Drones Enlisted To Fight Corona Virus in China

13. Improvement of remote work (digital continuity tools, security, etc.)

Possible solutions

13.1 Framasoft is a non-profit popular educational organization 


14. Improvement of life in home isolation (digital but also outside digital solutions)

Possible solutions

14.1 Ubisoft

15. Other duly argued themes.

Possible solutions

Even though it is not directly linked to Covid crisis, in countries where the containment has been enforced, blood donation decreases. Here are some elements to help:

15.1 7 good reasons to download the new APP THAT SAVES LIVES!

IOS,  Android


*Even though the tender was released by the French Ministry of Defense, Hypios, as a company with an international company, will be pleased to post on this page new ideas from around the world.

**Hypios CI is broadcasting possible solutions and ideas, which has been found on the Internet and we cannot guarantee or accept any responsibility for the authenticity of these links.

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