Hypios CI

Why Create a Hackathon?

The hackathon is a collaborative innovation approach that applies to all levels of expertise (including start-ups, students, citizens, employees, etc.) with one goal: to make collective intelligence available to business issues.

Innovate Faster

The hackathon boosts innovation by stimulating participants’ creativity while collaborating with others.

Collaborate With Start-Ups In Your Sector

Identify and create partnerships with the most innovative companies in your industry.

Recruit the Best Talents

Take advantage of the open innovation challenges to hire future employees and boost your brand.

Reveal the Potential of Your Employees

Show off the dynamic skills of your employees while promoting entrepreneurship.

Hypios Offers You Complete Support At All Stages of Your Project:

Design a tailor made hackathon, tailored to your goals, participants and corporate culture.

Organize the specific animation of the challenge to access creative, appropriate and pragmatic projects.

A Hypios team dedicated to your listening.

Project Launch

Organize a kick-off meeting to define the outlines of your project.

Creation of Ideas

Communicate with us about the project and mobilize the communities adapted to your goal: general public, collaborators, students, start-ups, developers, etc.


We accompany the formation of teams, transversal and multidisciplinary, to optimize the emergence of relevant projects.


We form your challenge through regular exchanges with teams and sending emails announcing the different stages of the challenge (presentation of the concept, pitch sessions, etc.)

Selection And Announcement of Winners

In coordination with your team, we schedule meetings with each team and organize the winners' awards.

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