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Hy. Benchmark

Hy. Benchmark is a brand new algorithm invented by Hypios. The targeting of Hy. Benchmark is done mostly through patent databases but not only. Thanks to it, we identify organizations, professionals, experts who may relate to your services or products.


With Hy. Benchmark, You Could​

  • Discover a strategic and unique vision of the market, identify potential competitions in the market;
  • Identify the potential needs of your technologies, services, products in other fields, discover more possibilities for your business.

Hy. Benchmark works with the following steps

  • Identification of the main keywords, expressions according to the description of your services, technologies, or patents.
  • Identification of organizations, in particular through the browsing of patents databases, and professionals all over the world that may need your services, according to the keywords and expressions matches.
  • Contact of the people identified by Hypios customer relations team, for building a partnership or a new business!

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