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Innovation Doom tracking sensor with PEMF

Innovation Doom tracking sensor with PEMF (Potential Electro Motion Force) method in most accurate tracking sun position in solar cell

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Inspired by the sunset, which fills the entire horizon from sunrise by 0 degrees to sunset by 0 degrees and from north by 0 degrees to south by 0 degrees. Use an infrared sensor that will detect all positions of the sun.

Triangle or especially equilateral triangle are the most effective sector that can fill doom area. Positioning IR sensor inside equilateral triangle in doom area will effectively fill detection area.
54 IR sensors will fill doom area. With maximum angle of sense PV and CPV with α and Ѳ = 0 degree – 30 degree each IR sensor have the distance of 150 (α and Ѳ) that make doom architecture very accurate.
Single sensor for one site PV or CPV.
• Use PEMF IR detector to detect sun’s position based electric power level in several IR detectors spread in sensor surface in Doom architecture very accurate.
• Use single sensor to all PV or CPV in one site.
• PEMF method will increase sensitivity of sensor.
Solar Cell positioning system.
• Take information from PEMF IR detector and transmit it to actuator with positioning of solar sell following position of detector that detect highest power density of IR light.
• Single sensor for all PV and CPV in one site.
All power source of this system will use electric power in main battery of solar cell.


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