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Innovative Photovoltaic Applications in Future Mobility Solutions


This challenge is less technical than others, it is therefore open to the undergraduate students.

The seeker wants to identify new services with significant potential. It is looking for PV (Photovoltaic) applicationsthat bring:

  • Customer experience improvements
    • Bring much more value to the user

  • Additional features for mobility
    • Taking advantage of the versatility of PV

  • Mobility Scope


Cars (Autonomous vehicles, self-driving cars, …)

Motorcycles, Bikes

Buses, trucks


Trains, tramway


Planes, flying cars, drones


Boat, boat taxi

Detailed Description of the 2 Areas of Interest 

  • Customer experience improvements
    • Photovoltaic systems used for new integrated functions that bring value to vehicles and transportation
      • New services
      • New physical functions
        • Sensors – Micro-electronics (like sensors that would give additional functionality)
        • User’s comfort improvement, Enhancing the comfort or user experience (human factors)
        • Maintenance
    • Energy efficiency for commercial vehicles
  • Additional features for mobility

    • Low-cost photovoltaic solutions that allow adding applications or functions and increase user satisfaction and/or reduce energy consumption

    • PV can supply power to

      • Grid-integrated devices

      • Small island” systems (standalone systems, not connected to the main battery) operating independently from the main battery and the main energy provider

  • Comments

    • New PV-fueled features for mobility can be inside/outside of the vehicles or movable

    • All photovoltaic technologies and geometry can be consideredThese new PV solutions could be associated/combined with the future smart cities for mobility only

The Seeker is NOT Looking for Classic Electric Energy Supply for the Vehicles

Usage of PV to supply energy to the vehicles, for example:

  • Panels to recharge the battery
  • Integrated solar cells to a bike / car / truck / train / plane to charge its on-board batteries
  • Attach solar cells to electric vehicle charging stations or vehicle parking lots
  • Integrate solar cells into transport infrastructure: roads, noise barriers, etc.
  • Use of photovoltaics to produce hydrogen for transport / mobility


Expected format

A few paragraphs explaining the innovative idea



Propose innovative ideas for new features for improving the customer/user experience, and not in the field of electric propulsion


Preferably (but not a blocking point): no toxic component, recyclable, eco-design,

Easy to maintain/repair and durable


No constraint considering that costs for solar keep decreasing. PV could be more cost effective than integrating a battery and cables


Open, no limit as long as it offers a new service / application / function

Ensure safe operation/comply with safety standards

Selection Criteria

Innovation level

All level of maturity will be considered but ranked by Novelty/Disruptivity (IP)

Technological leap

Complexity/Ability to be integrated into the vehicle/ user environment

Short term vs long term technology development

Market entry

Market size estimation

Marketing needs

User acceptance