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Multi-layer Polymer Package for Chemical Resistance and Overall Strength

Multi-layer Polymer Package for Chemical Resistance and Overall Strength

  • 25 000€
  • Fixed Price

A container is formed having 2 layers of polymer using multi-shot injection molding (MSM). The inner layer includes a polymer resistant to attack by the solution the container is intended to hold. The outer layer includes a polymer that provides the overall desired strength and external appearance

The 2-layer container can be used for many applications, including for pest control bait boxes. The ingredients used for pest control can cause common polymers to degrade and become weak or brittle over time. As such, the boxes may break when handled by consumers and expose consumers to the chemicals intended for pest control. By choosing an inner layer, such as Teflon, specifically Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene (FEP), the inner layer is resistance to attack by the chemistries commonly used for pest control. The outer layer can be a low cost, high strength polymer such as polystyrene (PS). While FEP is ~5x more costly than PS, overall cost of the container can be low given a very thin layer of FEP can be formed with just enough to provide the chemical barrier needed to protect the PS main body. Many companies specialize in making equipment to perform multi-shot injection molding, and it is commonly used for making a wide range of multi-layer, multi-component parts. More details are available upon request.


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