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Multi wires method

New technology of electric motor with innovation Multi wires method to increase working efficiency

This is a new innovation that allows to improve the work efficiency of electric motors and even able to reduce input and efficiency, but we also offer a royalty of 20% of increased profits if the previous offer is burdensome and we are ready to work together for it.

Multi wires method is new innovation novel technology to increase density of electric motor. Increase density of electric motor by increase output power of electric motor or decrease dimension of electric motor without increase input power, materials and change all shape factor in both of that. It is increasing technology of electric motor to cope skin-effect in increasing of electric power and decrease heat in same time, it may say that it beyond of efficiency increasing. This technology capable to applied in all kinds of electric motor and based on working prototype and also there are some adaptation of Maxwell Equation to explain this innovation.
Multi wires method is technology to increase quantity electron move in cope skin-effect in fluctuates electric current of electromagnetic induction. Multi wires method change single or parallel big wire to several small dimension wire which have equal size. It will increase flows area of electron and increase quantity of electron flow, increase torque and power or rotations electric motor and in same time it decreases heat of electric motor.
Heat are come from eddy current of wound and core by collusion of electron, skin-effect also cause of Eddy current. Increase are flow without increase size of wire will prevent collusion of electron in Eddy current phenomena. It will decrease of heat
Without change shape factor it will increase until 1200% torque of electric motor and decrease until 90% of heat. Increasing torque and decrease of heat in same time of electric motor possible to decrease around 91% of electric motor. Multi wires method Electric motor possible decrease 50% dimension and noise of electric motor.
Multi wires method compatible to applied directly in all kinds of electric motor. It can directly apply to conventional electric motor without change it shape factor. Let’s start to re-calculate efficiency of electric motor energy transformation.
Concern in behavior of electric current in electric motor winding and connector, with multi wires method will increase electric motor density directly, ease, low cost to applied.
This is the uniqueness of Multi wires method in electric motor. New innovation, new theories and need to re-calculate of electric motor energy transformation.


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