What is Hypios CrowdInnovation?

What is Hypios CrowdInnovation?

Hypios has developed a "Patented" semantic technology that identifies knowledge and expertise to generate innovation and add value across all industries. In partnership with IBM Watson, the exploitation of these proprietary algorithms led to the creation of 3 offers:

  • Hy.OpenInnovation


      A patented algorithm tailored to discover new innovations more quickly, confidentially, and at a lower cost.

  • Hy.Store


      A platform where you, the expert, can propose your own solution for companies searching for emerging technologies.

  • Hy.Semantic


      A service that utilizes machine learning for skill detection to help you find the right keywords.

Each offer uses Hypios engine: its technological bricks have been developed in data mining, machine learning and semantic web.

Today Hypios's experts community is an active and dynamic base that forms one of the largest ephemeral research laboratories in the world.

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