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What is Crowdinnovation

Hypios CrowdInnovation is a French company that helps corporations meet specific R&D needs with our unique approach to open-problem solving. Our key product, Hy.OpenInnovation, is an online platform in which we assist companies or “Seekers” in structuring and posting their R&D problems; and to select a deadline and a price for the successful “Solver.” Hypios relies on Hy.Proximity, core proprietary software for in-depth semantic analysis of each problem coupled with skill-set discovery technology that scours the web to find relevant experts. This ensures that challenges are not only broadcasted on a global scale, but “narrowcast” to source expertise in a pre-selected range of scientific disciplines. This helps maximize the number of relevant solutions from our global network of over 950,000 experts .

Hypios CI has recently launched Hy.Store, a BigData platform where all innovative solutions proposed by our solvers community are available. Accessible only to registered Seekers, this platform is aimed at companies wanting to invest in innovation at a lower cost or those interested in the analytic data of innovation developments.  

How hypios works
How it WORKS

Discover how our semantic technology works in our video.

Hypios how to post challenge
How to POST a challenge
Step 1: You submit your challenge to Hy.OpenInnovation

With the help of one of our consulting partners, you solidify the challenge(s) you would like to be solved. Our partners help you formulate the challenge, set a reward prize and a deadline. The anonymized challenge is then posted on the Hy.OpenInnovation solving platform. Your company’s identity remains confidential during the entire process, from challenge posting to solution acquisition.

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Step 2: Hypios CI identifies key specialists

Using our powerful semantic analysis software, Hypios CI creates a conceptual graph of the problem to extract and suggest relevant keywords. These keywords are then used by our marketing team to search the web using a search engine that identifies potential experts. From a database of approximately 1 million solvers, the candidates that match the problem’s prerequisites are invited by our Solver Relations team to develop and submit solutions.

Step 3: Hypios CI maximizes resolution probability

During the submission period, solvers may ask us to clarify aspects of the challenge. Hypios CI works as an intermediary for all communication between Seekers and Solvers, but Seekers can make public updates to their problem to reflect the feedback they get from Solvers. Over this period, a dedicated Hypios CI team works with solvers to enhance the quality of solutions, and “narrowcast” the problem to more specialists if not enough valid solutions have been submitted.

Step 4: You choose the solution(s) that best fit(s) your needs

Your team reviews the solutions. You are under no obligation to purchase one (or more) solutions if they do not meet your requirements. If you choose one (or more) winning solution(s), your company acquires the copyright of the solution and the Solver(s) is/are paid accordingly.

Find out more!

For further information on Hypios products and services, or to launch an open-problem solving campaign to accelerate and expand your innovation process, please register and contact us. A representative will guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have.

hypios how to solve challenge
Tips for creating good solutions
  • Submit your solution in a full document
    No winning solution has ever been explained in a sentence. Devote time to fully explain your solution in a format that is organized, coherent and easy to understand. If you have any language related concerns, please contact a member of the Hypios CI team.
  •  Be Clear
    Submissions must offer not only a solution but also information on how and why it solves the problem. Use supporting evidence and references to explain your idea. Including a bibliography is a welcome addition but this need not be exhaustive and it is not mandatory. Even if your solution is relatively simple it is important for it to be concise. The length of your solution is not as important as the quality of its content.
  •  Use visual aids and examples to illustrate your solution
    Use relevant images, charts, graphs, and examples to support your points. The clearer your explanations are, the more likely your solution will be chosen.
  •  Keep track of the time
    It's in your best interest to submit a solution prior to the deadline. Submitting a solution well before the deadline allows Hypios CI to give you feedback, to ensure that your solution meets the Seeker’s needs. With the exception of the rare occasion that a Seeker requests a deadline extension, submissions beyond the original deadline will not be accepted.
  •  Be aware of the criteria
    Carefully read the problem and its constraints. If a solution does not meet the criteria, a member of the Hypios CI team will contact you to suggest modifications. To avoid any setbacks, be aware of any and all requirements in advance. Any solution submitted that does not meet the criteria provided by the Seeker will not be chosen.
  •  Understand the solver terms of use
    Be aware if you are using someone else’s intellectual property. If your solution is chosen as the winner but is found to be in violation of intellectual property laws, your solution will be voided and you will not be compensated.
  •  Be innovative!
    The purpose of open problem solving is to think outside the box and offer a solution that may have otherwise been unrealized. Even if a problem is not in the realm of your expertise, there may be a way to apply your knowledge to find a completely new solution using unconventional methods. In the past, there have been winning Hypios CI solvers who were experts in a range of subjects completely unrelated to the challenge. Anything is possible in the world of open problem solving.

Hy. Benchmark

Hy. Benchmark is a brand new algorithm invented by Hypios. The targeting of Hy. Benchmark is done mostly through patent databases but not only. Thanks to it, we identify organizations, professionals, experts who may relate to your services or products.

Active Challenges

Medium Difficulty
Complete System of Reusable Partitions

The company is specialized in carpentry, design and realization of spaces. It works in particular for museums by currently realizing partitions in smooth plasterboard painted generally in white. These partitions must support works (sometimes quite large and heavy) of very high value, for relatively short periods of time: 4 to 6 months. The company, therefore, has to dismantle the partitions and recreate new ones. The system currently used does not allow the reuse of the basic materials (metal profiles and plasterboard).

Medium Difficulty
Automated Clash Resolution

A consortium of actors in the field of construction seeks to optimize the process of assembly and disassembly of large-sized structures.In particular, it aims to increase the productivity of clash/conflict resolution operations, typically conflicts between the positioning of bars, plates, anchors, which may overlap or intersect in the construction or decommissioning design drawings.

Medium Difficulty
Exterior Roller Shutter with Internal Winding
Exterior Roller Shutter with Internal Winding

As part of the adaptation to climate change, the improvement of summer comfort and resilience to heat waves, RIVP is looking for a shading system for summer comfort that is installed inside the dwelling without reducing the glazed surface of the joinery.

Hard Difficulty
Paints: secondary raw materials (recycled)
Paints: secondary raw materials (recycled)

A company manufacturing "building" paints (as opposed to industrial paints: the finishing requirements and application techniques are not the same) is seeking to formulate paints to fit into a sustainable development and circular economy approach.

Hard Difficulty
Baguette challenge
To obtain a bread, a baguette airier and more honeycombed

The objective is to obtain a baguette airier and more honeycombed. A baker who owns many bakeries wants to improve the texture of his bread.


Hypios innovation Oil Oxidation Inhibiting Additive
Oil Oxidation Inhibiting Additive

The major accelerating factor in the oxidation of lubricating oil is the production of nitrate esters within the oil. Nitrate esters can decompose..

Fixed Price : 37 500€
Hypios innovation Innovative And Precise motor Control System
Innovative And Precise motor Control System

The innovation will present a simple way to control large electric motors in conveyor belts, carousel, etc. It will consist of a Light Dependent...

Fixed Price : 37 500€
Hypios hy.store innovation
New Food Packaging Closure

This new food packaging closure system foresees to substitute the closure system which uses a metallic tin tie, horizontally layered on the plastic/paper package, with a closure system made with...

Fixed Price : 37 500€
Hypios hy.store innovation
Mirror Carpet

This is a carpet made of plastic material (like PVC pipes), covered with mirroring material, such as aluminum, creating a mirroring effect. Children can mirror the sky and clouds, creating their own...

Fixed Price : 20 000€

160+ Challenges have already been solved on Hypios. Will yours be the next?

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Success Story

Find the Solutions You'd Never Expected Before​

An ETI specialist in the quarrying industry had been looking for a technology for several years to valorize its colossal stocks of residual materials. By relying on a community of more than 2 million experts, Hypios detected and proposed an existing patent capable of transforming and developing this mining waste, while offering a path for the creation of a new industrial sector in France. Open Innovation is also at the service of employment!

3 Solutions in One Challenge​

One of the world leading companies in Telecommunications found 3 solutions to aid in the remote handling of their smartphones for after-sales service in a confidential and quick manner by using Hypios’ platform. Hypios made it possible to identify and buy several solutions for the same problem!

Finding the Real Problem

An agribusiness leader/chocolate bar manufacturer was looking to extend the shelf life of its products. Hypios identified a pastry chef located in Europe who noticed that the solution was not related to the food, but its packaging. The technical knowledge of the European packaging standards of this expert allowed a more comprehensive analysis of the problem for the industrialist. The increase of a few nanometers in the thickness of the packaging paper offered a sufficient barrier from UV rays and allowed for a perfectly adapted shelf life. Hypios proves that the solution is not always where you look for it!

Disruptive Closure System​

An industrial baker wanted to respond to a request from his customers. The closure of his sandwich packs needed to be faster and more ergonomic, replacing a plasticized wire which was impractical. By using our semantic technologies, Hypios quickly identified more than 90,000 experts/Solvers directly or indirectly related to the problem. Nearly 4,000 Solvers responded to the challenge and 14 of them submitted a solution. A laureate from the hospital sector had diverted a rigid elastic effectively creating a quick and simple closure for medical bags. This solution quickly gained great success!

A Quick Replacement of Bisphenol A

A large agri-food company used Bisphenol A in their cans. The prohibition of this endocrine disruptor forced them to rapidly find a solution, so they could continue production. Hypios technologies discovered a new molecule in less than 6 weeks. This process is still used to date for the canned food of this international group. Hypios is committed to sustainable development!

Different Industries Bringing Together A Solution

A large group in the telephone industry had technical difficulties connecting new cables to existing underground ducts. This problem led to potentially huge delays and an exorbitant cost for the company. After consulting their own R&D department, they had no solution. The group then turned to Hypios technologies. Hypios detected experts all over the world. Thanks to Hypios' semantic algorithms, Hypios identified a solver in a completely different field, a South American orthopedic surgeon. He developed a wavelength capable of detecting probes introduced into the human body. This innovation enabled the group to carry out their project and apply for a new patent at the same time!

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